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Answers to frequently asked questions about Eminence Technologies Pty Ltd Sydney (New South Whales).

Yes, you can even make all changes and updates through the built-in CMS. We've made it even easier for you, with our "click and edit" system that (almost) makes it a breeze to maintain the contents.

You will not be bound by any subscription with us. Once you have paid website, you own it and charge the expenses to come. This means freedom to choose their supplier in the future.

We will do everything that you will be satisfied with our work and offer proofreading until you are satisfied.

Search engine optimisations are some actions you can perform on and off the website to make it easier for Google to find your website. We always ensure that your website is search engine friendly structure. This means that each side is built on Google (SEO) guidelines Furthermore, we offer "Basic SEO", which is standard SEO setup on each side including unique SEO title, keywords and Meta description etc.

We build all our websites on Word Press CMS, and there are several good reasons. CMS system makes it among others allow clients to maintain content on the website, Word Press is built in about 75 million sites worldwide.

We make free interactive design suggestions for you, rather than a traditional static image. This means you can see not only the design, but also try the different elements and see them in action, for example menu, links, Image Slider, etc.

Yes, basically providing the customer all content (including text, illustrations and pictures) We can help you with suggestions for better and more search engine friendly headlines and text content. Proofreading and copywriting of texts performed ONLY on request and at extra cost. Please contact us for a quote on this.

Yes we do! If we were to cooperate, you will quickly find out that are the type who are very devoted to our duties and ensure that they are delivered within a very short time - but also in a formidable quality.

Our prices depend on many factors. To get a better idea of the cost of what you need, give us a quick phone call at (02-8310-7636). We'll ask a few questions about your project, what features and interactivity you'll need, who will handle content development, whether or not you'd like to sell online. After this short discussion, we should be able to give you a ballpark number. If you're still interested, we'll be happy to develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines the scope, process and costs.

There are nine steps in our development process:

Discovery - If the project is a rebuild, we review your current content and make further recommendations for improvements. If it's a new site, we start by discussing the subjects and functionality you envisage for your site and develop an outline for you.

Content - You compile all the content for the website, including all text and images.

Preliminary Design - We create a home page concept including colors, fonts, image style and layout.

Organization - When we have received all content in its final version, we review it to determine the best way to organize the information. The structure of the site is based on this organizational scheme and must be approved by you.

Design Revision - After reviewing the initial design, you have the opportunity to request changes.

Implementation - Once we've received your approval on the design, we move on to implementation. This is where the approved design becomes concrete and where we add site-specific features

Page Content - When we have all the content that will be included on the site and an approved design, we will enter all the data.

Testing - We run through a final set of tests to be sure that everything is functional. You have an opportunity at this time to test the site as well.

Launch - Once we have your final approval, we launch the site. The marks the end of the project.

Absolutely not, our charges remain same as the quotation we provide. The charges at time may vary if you add or change your requirements which cost us significant amount of time and efforts but there are no hidden costs.

Yes. We provide complete web solution which comes with domain registration, server hosting, web designing, website development and website promotion on leading search engines (internet marketing).

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