Focus on your core tasks and let us handle your printing infrastructure

Do you know how much money you spend on printing? Then you know that the hardware and consumables are only part of the cost.

In many printing environments is a judicious mix of printing and scanning equipment that is not being handled or serviced to suit modern requirements. It can stand in the way of efficiency in your organization. If your employees need to spend too much time managing and solving problems with hardware, they cannot concentrate on their main tasks, which is a waste of both time and money.

Printing solutions

With products from the highly acclaimed manufacturer KIP, we can now also comply with our customers' requests for printing solutions for large format black / white and color.

Professional Support

Schools, colleges and educational institutions have to constantly focusing on streamlining their organization and are service to improve their competitiveness with digital technology.

Confidential Print

Financial companies such as banks and building societies produce vast amounts of documents. Employees with different work meetings daily challenges to protect confidential information.

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