One unified platform for all your Software needs

Dynamic web gives you Content Management, E Commerce, Digital Marketing and integration into a single platform.

Emitechs will be made in open source, which means our customers get a solution that is tested, inexpensive, and as the customer will have ownership of when the software is complete. We primarily build our site in CMS system Joomla etc... which has won awards for best CMS system several times. Whether you need a simple website or a website with advanced features, we have a solution for you.

Integration Framework

Predefined integration kinds of groups, products, users, etc. Automatic and predefined field mapping and advanced integrated solutions.

Data Integration

Import / export data in different formats, such as XML, CSV or databases & Planning and repeated integration jobs.

Version String

Other Integration Points such as Receive external RSS feeds Publish any data table on the website 'syndication feeds' Web service for synchronizing.

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