Connected Video for the Connected Consumer

Technology and digital have transformed consumers' expectations when it comes to the premium video Advertising experience.

You must have your video content on the web? Eminence Technologies has helped to design and develop online video solutions for many customers across Sydney NSW. What platforms must allow users to watch video on? Should there be apps with your logo for smart phones? Should there be an Apple TV or Smart TV app How detailed do you need to analyze user behavior? Sitting in the 2 users or 2000 users have access to the system?

Publish videos

Should you be able to publish videos to various services such as Face book and YouTube directly from your video platform, do you need to sell advertising space in your videos?

Products advertising

Can you accept that you see advertising for products other than your own in the videos should the possibility to take money from users for access to the system?

Video site
Video site

How video platform should integrates with your video production flow? Should you be able to have specially developed features to your video site?

Video Advertising Company
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